A nice little utility for downloading ISO images
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Tux Disc

Tux Disc

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Tux Disc is a command line utility for downloading ISO images for Ubuntu and it’s flavors, as well as KDE neon.

Tux Disc provides a simple, easy to use interface, that makes it a breeze to download Ubuntu ISO images.

This is pretty much a little project of mine born from my wanting to choose which Ubuntu flavor’s 17.10 daily testing ISO I wanted to download, and just kinda ended up becoming this whole thing for downloading a bunch of Linux distributions install images.


Main Menu Downloading

Get Tux Disc

You can get Tux Disc by compiling the source code.

To compile and install Tux Disc from source,

  • Download the source code, by either
    • going to the releases page
      • download the source code either as .zip or .tar.gz
      • extract the contents of the archive
    • using git to clone the repository
    • click on Clone or Download and click on Download ZIP
      • extract the contents of the archive
  • Open a terminal window and cd into the folder for Tux Disc
  • Run
    # ./build.sh

Once completed, Tux Disc can now be run either from your desktop’s application launcher, or by running

$ tux-disc

Planned Features

In no particular order, these are some features/milestones that I have planned for future development

  • Graphical user interface (buttons everywhere!)
  • Flatpak/Snap packaging (for easier cross-distro distribution)
  • Complete recoding into Python (Might make the GUI easier, and should make it easier to port to other OSes)