Shell script that creates unique and strong account credentials, and utilizes ccrypt to maintain an encrypted "vault"
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DNcrypt is a shell script that leverages ccrypt to create and manage a username/password database made of encrypted plain-text files

How to Install

To install DNcrypt, simply run the script

It will install ccrypt and xclip if they aren’t already, and then make any directories it needs and copy the files to those places

How to Use

To use DNcrypt, simply run dncrypt from your terminal of choice

If you run dncrypt without any arguments, it will display the help page, showing you what modes and options are available

If you run dncrypt create, it will prompt you to give a name to the new entry being created, then after entering an encryption password, it will fill it with a random username and (default 512 character) password

Running dncrypt read will prompt you for the name of a previously created entry for it to read, and after entering the password to decrypt it, it will display the username and password it created for that entry

Running dncrypt copy username/dncrypt copy password will prompt you for an entry name, and after entering the decryption password, will copy either the username or password of that entry directly to your clipboard (currently unkown if this works with Wayland, as this method uses xclip to copy the requested information to the user’s clipboard)

How to Change “Vault” Location

To change where DNcrypt stores everything, change the VAULT_DIR variable in to wherever you would like it to store everything, then re-run

How to Change Password Length

To change the length of the passwords DNcrypt generates, change the ENTRY_LENGTH variable in to the desired length, then re-run

How to Uninstall DNCrypt

To uninstall DNcrypt, run

This will remove all the files copied during install, and remove the ${HOME}/.var/app/net.easthighnerd.dncrypt directory

The directory containing any entries you created with this script, as well as the entry files themselves, will not be touched

ccrypt and xclip will not be removed either

Since I use a private Gitea instance for hosting all my code, to file a bug report please email, using the project’s name (in this case DNcrypt) as the subject